McClellan Announces Congressional Staff Hires

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Team Includes Top Staffers from McEachin Congressional Office, McClellan State Senate Office

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman-elect Jennifer McClellan (VA-04) announced her full congressional staff for her Washington, D.C. and Virginia offices ahead of her official swearing-in on March 7th. In February, McClellan won a special election to fill the seat of the late Rep. A. Donald McEachin.

McClellan’s team comprises former McEachin Congressional staffers, members of her Virginia State Senate staff, and seasoned staffers from Capitol Hill, many of whom have personal ties to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Eleven of the 16 McClellan Congressional staffers previously worked for McEachin’s office. McClellan is also bringing both of her state Senate staffers to her Congressional office.

“I am proud of the experienced, diverse, and capable team we have put together,” said Congresswoman-elect Jennifer McClellan. “These Hill and Virginia professionals possess a breadth of institutional knowledge and expertise to continue to advocate for and serve the people of the 4th Congressional District in the same manner as the office of Congressman McEachin. I am ready to get to work on behalf of Virginians, and I am confident my team will make sure our constituents’ voices are heard in Washington.”

Washington, D.C. Staff

Tara Rountree, Chief of Staff. Tara was a longtime staffer for the late Rep. A. Donald McEachin, having served under him for nearly seven years. She was formerly his Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, and District Director.

Donald Pollard III, Legislative Director. Donald most recently served as Sen. Tim Kaine’s Policy Advisor. Prior to that, he spent several years as a Legislative Assistant to Rep. Lauren Underwood and Sen. Kaine.

Shahid Ahmed, Communications Director. Shahid most recently served as Communications Director for Rep. McEachin. Prior to that, he spent over two years as a Press & Digital Assistant for the New Democrat Coalition.

Jazmine Bonner, Director of Operations. Jazmine has worked for Sen. Tammy Duckworth for more than three years, most recently as her Special Assistant and Deputy Director of Advance. She began as a Staff Assistant for the House Judiciary Committee under the leadership of Chair Jerrold Nadler.

Melody Tan, Senior Policy Advisor. Melody is a former Rep. McEachin staffer, who handled his health and environmental justice portfolio. She previously served as an IEEE-USA / AAAS Congressional Fellow for Sen. Tina Smith.

Rahmon Ross, Legislative Assistant. Rahmon is a former Rep. McEachin staffer, who handled his Department of Defense, veterans affairs, and transportation and infrastructure portfolios. He previously served as a Legislative Correspondent and Staff Assistant to Sen. Bob Casey.

Jannie Kamara, Legislative Correspondent / Legislative Aide. Jannie most recently served as Staff Assistant to Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester. Prior to Capitol Hill, she worked as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant for Impact 21.

Lena Jacobson, Press & Digital Assistant. Lena most recently served as Rep. McEachin’s Press Assistant. She started as a press intern in early 2021 and was hired on as full-time staff shortly after.

Sarah Houle, Staff Assistant. Sarah is a former intern for Rep. McEachin, Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott, Virginia LCV, State Sen. Jennifer Boysko, and REPRO Rising Virginia.

District Staff

Charity Howell, District Director. Charity most recently served as District Director for Rep. McEachin. Prior to that, she served as Regional Director and Outreach Representative to Sen. Mark Warner.

Sylvia Copeland, Constituent Services Director. Sylvia is a former Rep. McEachin staffer, who joined his office his first year in Congress. Prior to that, she worked for a housing authority in Suffolk to support low- and middle-income families.

Maryn Campbell, Outreach Director. Maryn most recently served as Chief of Staff to Sen. Jennifer McClellan in her Virginia State Senate office. Prior to that, she served as McClellan’s Legislative Assistant and intern.

Bianca Casper, Senior Constituent Services Liaison. Bianca most recently served as Sen. McClellan’s Legislative Assistant in her Virginia State Senate office. Prior to that, she served as a Senior Caseworker for Sen. Warner for more than three years.

Elizabeth Hardin, District Representative. Elizabeth is a former Rep. McEachin staffer, who joined his office his first year in Congress. Prior to that, she worked extensively throughout Central Virginia to support urban planning and community development.

Abbi Easter, Senior Advisor. Abbi is a former longtime staffer and advisor to Rep. McEachin. Prior to joining his congressional team, she served as his Chief of Staff while he was Chair of the Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus.

John Montgomery, Service Academies Coordinator. John is a former Rep. McEachin staffer, who also attended West Point and was on the Henrico School Board.