Gun Violence

Jenn’s Perspective

Jenn has seen the devastating impact of gun violence across the Commonwealth. As the mom of two school-age kids, Jenn supports enacting comprehensive gun reform to protect our families and make our communities safer. All of Virginia’s 1,000 annual gun deaths are preventable. As a member of Congress, Jenn will work to close loopholes and protect Virginians from gun violence.

Jenn’s Record

As a legislator, Jenn took on the NRA and fought for common-sense solutions to reduce gun violence. Jenn led the fight in the Senate to pass a bill in 2020 that requires the reporting of lost or stolen firearms, patroning bills on lost or stolen firearms since 2012. She cosponsored new laws to reinstate Virginia’s “one-gun-a-month rule” and to implement universal background checks. Jenn has also cosponsored legislation that allowed localities to prohibit guns in certain public spaces. McClellan led on a Senate bill that would establish a Center for Firearm Violence Intervention and Prevention to work across public safety and public health sectors to collect data and publish reports on violence caused by firearms, including suicide.

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