Serving Virginia’s Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel

Jenn’s Prospective

Virginia is a Commonwealth rich in military history, which proudly houses some of our nation’s key military facilities. Jenn believes it is essential to protect and support those Virginians who have defended our freedom by serving in our military. One in 12 Virginians is a veteran and the Commonwealth has the greatest number of veterans in the workforce per capita. But many veterans experience difficulties readjusting to civilian life. Jenn knows many military families face the same problems that affect all Virginians including food insecurity, difficulty finding affordable and reliable childcare, and financial hardship. Military families also deal with unique challenges including constant stress that comes from deployments, separation, and the emotional and physical toll that accompanies military service.

Jenn’s Record

Throughout her time in the General Assembly, Jenn has supported measures that honor our active duty military and veterans. Jenn has: 

  1. Revitalizing the Economy
  2. Climate Action and Environmental Justice
  3. Equity, Inclusivity and Racial Justice
  4. Gun Violence
  5. Health Care and Abortion Access
  6. Voting Rights
  7. Justice Reform
  8. Serving Virginia’s Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel
  9. Transportation
  10. Education and Child Care