Open and Transparent Government

Jenn’s Perspective

The combination of Jenn’s passion for meaningful policy and her ability to see, hear, and listen to the challenges within her district has been a driving force for elevating her constituents’ voices. Jenn believes leaders must be accessible to their community and that transparency, accountability and lifting up community voices is key to good governance. Jenn wants to lead a transparent Virginia where all Virginians can participate in the democratic process. To achieve this, Virginia needs campaign finance reform to create greater transparency and accountability and to rebuild public trust and good government. Virginia is among the states with the weakest campaign finance laws.

As a working mom with young children, Jenn also knows the challenges of running for office while working and parenting two young children. The current system has inherent barriers that make it difficult for people to run for office due to their parental status, age, sex, race, and socioeconomic status. This limits diverse representation and participation in the legislative process. Our democracy is governed by, for, and of the people and it can only thrive when everyone can participate. 

Jenn believes that we need comprehensive campaign finance reform and ethics regulations to restore faith in our open and transparent political system where everyone can contribute.

Jenn’s Record

In the legislature, Jenn has fought to keep Virginia’s government ethical and accessible while operating a constituent-focused office. Jenn:

  1. Revitalizing the Economy
  2. Climate Action and Environmental Justice
  3. Equity, Inclusivity and Racial Justice
  4. Gun Violence
  5. Health Care and Abortion Access
  6. Voting Rights
  7. Justice Reform
  8. Serving Virginia’s Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel
  9. Transportation
  10. Education and Child Care